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If we are working together to make a landing page for you - a place where we send your prospective users/clients/customers - we are going to need some information to get started.

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Landing Page Brief

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So we know where and how to file you in our system.
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Contact Name
And your phone, please?
And your phone, please?
Landing Page Brief
So our designers can deliver what you need.
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What do you suggest the titles of these pages will be?
Please list out any specific bullet points or information you would like for each page.
Which pieces of information do you *need* to collect? Suggestions include "name," email," or "phone."
If there are non-required fields that you'd *like* to collect, please list them here.
What do you want the Call To Action button to say? Suggestions include "enroll now," "schedule a tour," or "start today!"
Please indicate and send over any relevant hi-res images and logos.
i.e.-using specific images for a specific page, using specific information in bullet points for a specific page,etc
CRM Integration
What CRM are you using?
Who on your side, has approval of this page?
Who on your side, has approval of this page?
For example, we might use the words "keyterm," "keyword," or "term" interchangeably, but your CRM might only recognize one of those three options.