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Purdue buying Kaplan

The Wall Street Journal reported that Purdue University is buying Kaplan, hoping to reap the benefits of the Kaplan brand, and to create a viable online presence.

Purdue President Mitch Daniels said “We took a long build-or-buy analysis and came to the honest recognition that we would be very unlikely to succeed building it ourselves."

This makes plenty of sense for everyone.  Purdue gets a ready made online business and Kaplan gets the brand equity of a world-class University.

I predict that this is the first wave of this, and that we'll see plenty more not-for-profit-/-for-profit M & A.

A few observations:

  • The purdue team has a steep, steep learning curve ahead of them.  Get ready for a world full of acronyms, Mr. Daniels.  CPA, CPL, CPO and CPE are about the become the most important words you know.
  • I have to think that this would not have happened in a Clinton Administration, for better or worse.
  • One wonders about Purdue's endowment. One suspects that it is shrinking, and that this acquisition is a bold move to turn that tide.